MULTIMODAL DANGEROUS GOODS FORM This form meets the requirements of SOLAS 74 Chapter VII regulation 4 and MARPOL 73/78 Annex III regulation 4. Note: When this form is used as a container/vehicle packing

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Hi I'm Anya welcome to my kitchen today I'm going to show you how to prepare a poppy seed feeling we're going to be using it for a few s if you go to the Polish store you can buy it but I really prefer to do it at home because it's not really difficult and you can add your own ingredients you can add more nuts or raisins out of which dried fruits you like you keep away the one you don't like so it's perfect and I think that's it let's have a look at the ingredients so you know what you need in case you decide to give it a try first step is to pour boiling water over our raisins and then we're giving it a quick stir and leaving it for around two hours two to soak then into my part I'm transferring my poppy seed covering it with boiling water just around three centimeters over the level of the poppy seeds and then we're bringing it to a stove we're going to be cooking it on a medium low heat for 45 minutes mixing it from time to time and checking if we have enough water okay and if we run out of water just like I did we adding more boiling water then after 45 minutes is done I turn off the heat and let it stand for an hour and hour and a half just so it cools down enough so we don't burn ourselves here we go and then I'm lining my strainer with the cheesecloth and transferring my poppy seed there to drain it so in then again I'm leaving it for an hour and hour and a half two hours just to drain nicely and then I'm preparing my fruits and nuts so I'm cutting my apricots into small pieces and then draining my raisins and my nuts I'm going to be processing in the food processor just pulsing it few times so they are they are crushed a little bit smaller here we go cashews now the important part the dried fruits and nuts you choose what you like so if you prefer walnuts go ahead put walnuts if you don't like almonds don't put almonds so basically we trying to keep similar amount of fruits and nuts to the to the poppy seeds okay so after we drain our poppy seed we're transferring it to our food processor and then we're going to be processing it for five to seven minutes but now very important part every around 30 seconds we're going to be opening and cleaning the sides like this and then keep processing it it's very important because otherwise the poppy seed which stays on the walls is going to be hard and when we done with poppy seeds into a large pot I'm transferring my butter and adding the honey and I'm going to be warming it up until my ma my butter is melted and then I'm adding vanilla extract and giving it a nice stir and when this is ready I'm eyeing my cranberries dried cranberries and apricots and my raisins and I'm going to give it a stir so all the fruits are nicely covered with the honey butter mixture and now it's time to add our knowledge and then we're giving them a good stir so they're all nicely coated and then we adding our poppy seeds and again we need to be stirring it until all is very well combined and this is ready right now stay...